Puzzles are often considered as a playing tool that keeps our little kiddos busy in their own world. But what If I tell you they are as entertaining as they are educational? Yes! jigsaw Puzzles are a great way to increase their logic-building skills and hand-eye coordination.

It also helps in developing their problem-solving, critical thinking, and fine motor skills while having fun family time and keeping their eyes off the screens.

In fact, studies suggest that young minds are now capable of understanding concepts and techniques much more effectively and quickly than adult minds.

And puzzle games can be one of the primary key factors in sharpening your kid’s mind and preparing them for upcoming challenges.

Our Top Picks

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Melissa & Doug Solar System Puzzle

Ravensburger Horse Dreams Puzzl4

Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles Puzzle

The Learning Journey: Match It! Puzzle

Coogam Wooden Blocks Puzzle 

iPlay, iLearn Kids Solar SystemPuzzle 

Rainforest Search & Find Puzzle

BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle

CubicFun 3D Vessel Puzzle Ship

Choosing the right Puzzle:

Choosing the right jigsaw puzzle largely depends on many factors such as your child’s interests, age, and more, there are some of them which we recommend should be considered.

1. Age factor:

If the puzzle seems easy for your experienced puzzler kiddo, they can get bored easily or if it’s too advanced and difficult, then they might won’t be able to assemble them and it will demotivate them. So it’s important to choose a puzzle that fits their age and experience level to get them started.

2. A puzzle should give some challenges

An easy puzzle means less educational learning for your child. While every kid’s level of intellect is different, the difficulty level should be moderate-to-hard for every specific kid so that they will learn more.

3. Quality & Material:

Another feature on our checklist is to ensure that the puzzle is made of non-toxic and top-quality material. While playing with puzzles is indeed encouraging for kids, their safety still stands as a top priority so making sure what material our kids will be getting in their hands is a must.

4. The Puzzle Object (puzzle category):

What is the puzzle about? Another feature that I, as a mother personally recommend in puzzles is the object and category of the puzzle as it brings additional learning elements.

For example, a puzzle of a picture of a sunset will teach your kids many skills as mentioned above, but a puzzle set of different fruits will also teach them about fruits, which is a whole new learning outcome.

Our Selection and review process for the Best Kids Puzzles to Buy

Our review process includes a proper flow of queries, questionnaires, forms, and surveys we conduct to choose the best kids puzzles to buy.

While these methods are being conducted via emails and other means, my research team grabs the opportunity to research on the internet by thoroughly researching competitors, reading reviews, and more!

In case of a mixup, we cross-verify it to ensure our audience gets the most authentic and up-to-date information from us, with love.

I’ve scoured the web and our review process is based on safety, ease of use, price, and many other factors.

I’ve included the list of puzzles that are worth buying and appeal to toddlers and kids.

1. Melissa & Doug Solar System Puzzle:

With a beautiful solar system illustration turned into an extra-large floor puzzle, this set of puzzles is best for your child to enhance their puzzling and technical skills.

This puzzle is easy for kids to complete and showcases beautiful original artwork while getting them to learn about different planets at the same time.

Featuring 48 thick pieces made up of friendly material, is easy for children aged 3 and up to handle and easy to clean.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 3 and up | Pieces: 48

2. Ravensburger Horse Dreams:

This beautiful piece of the puzzle will be loved by your child, especially when they puzzle through the pieces to see the whole scene come together. It is specifically designed for kids aged 5-8 years with (100) pieces that are durable and easy to fit together.

The more their glitter-decked pieces come together to fit while puzzling, the more this puzzle looks appealing with bright and vibrant colors.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 5-8 years | Pieces: 100

3. 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle:

For toddlers who love challenges, this 3D Wooden puzzle is a real brain teaser. It consists of 54 T-Shaped Wooden pieces that are needed to be sticked together to form a perfect cube.

It is an excellent activity for building young, healthy minds and developing their problem-solving skills.

Adults who like to puzzle can also give it a go along with their little children and have a family fun time at the same time. It is NOT suitable for kids below the age of 5.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 5 and up | Pieces: 54

4. Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles Puzzle:

Another great puzzle for ages 3-5, this puzzle comes up with other great challenges and learning outcomes for your kids. As the original artwork consists of a busy construction site, featuring different construction vehicles, a whole new thing your kid will learn.

It helps It consists of 48 wooden pieces and comes with a tray which makes it easy for pieces to stay altogether after it’s completed.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 3-5 years | Pieces: 48

5. The Match-It Spelling Puzzle:

Every parent wants their kids to be good at reading skills like spelling, letter recognition, and word formation. If you’re also a parent with a kid between 3 and 5 years old, this puzzle is for you.

The puzzles contain both three- and four-letter words and are assembled into pieces where the pieces will only fit if they are correct, boosting your child’s confidence to match the correct pieces to spell the word correctly.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 3-5 years | Pieces: 3-4 (per word)

6. Coogan Wooden Hexagon Puzzle:

Another great wooden block puzzle for kids. This Brain Teaser Puzzle consists of 40 Wooden Blocks that are made of natural and healthy basswood to make it a safe play. 

Consisting of different shaped blocks of different colors, there can be many shapes or objects that children can make, so it brings their creativity into play as well as enhances their color-recognition skills.

Although it is made for kids but, adults can also give it a go.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 4 and up | Pieces: 40

7. iPlay, iLearn Wooden Solar System Puzzle:

For space enthusiasts kids, who are keen on outer space and the solar system, this puzzle is the best they’ll ever want. Made up of non-toxic wood, Its artwork consists of 48 large pieces that fit together to form a circle-shaped illustration.

Its artwork illustration includes different planets, astronauts, and other elements so your kid would be wanting to explore more after completing this puzzle.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 3 and up | Pieces: 48

8. The Mudpuppy Rainforest Search and Find Puzzle:

Another 2-in-1 Puzzle game in the love for animals. This great Mudpuppy Rainforest puzzle is another great puzzle for children aged 4 and up.

Its best feature is the artwork of animals and insects in the forests that it displays after completing all its pieces (64 in total).

Then comes the second part where after completing the puzzle, kids use their observational skills to find and name different animals, plants, and insects, which can increase their hand-eye coordination.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 4 and up | Pieces: 64

9. BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle:

Let your little kiddo have fun with animals, colors, and the alphabet with this creative wooden puzzle toy. This unique set of puzzle consists of 26 animal-shaped pieces with each uppercase letter displayed on one side and a lowercase on another side of the piece.

Kids can enjoy playing with all the animals, with a bit of a challenge to fit all the animals into the animal parade. Once completed, the animal parade will look great with different colors and animals, creating a shelf-lookalike masterpiece.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 1-4 years | Pieces: 26

10. CubicFun 3D Vessel Puzzle:

This puzzle is a great fit for older kids ages 10 and up. These 142 pieces of puzzles are joined together to complete the renowned Mississippi Steamboat.

it displays a great challenge for older kids to get the pieces together correctly, but once it’s assembled, kids can have a great sense of achievement, which further boosts their confidence.

Key Specifications: Age recommendation: 10 and up | Pieces: 142


I understand how difficult it is to choose a puzzle after having so many options. If you have a little kiddo (aged 0-5) the BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle (view now on Amazon) is the best choice.  If you have an older child (aged 5 and up) that is open to challenge, 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle (view on Amazon) is the best option.

No matter what puzzle you choose, the main thing is to make sure your kiddo gets the full benefit out of it and makes some happy memories of it.