A sharp mind and solid creative imagination are two main assets of having a successful life.  Kids of today can constantly improve and groom their personalities by adding extra effort and spending their free time productively indulging in healthy activities just like puzzle games.

Puzzles are one of the best educational activities for children that provide both fun and learning.  They help in developing problem-solving,  critical thinking,  and fine motor skills while promoting creativity and cognitive development. 

After all, it’s kids puzzles! It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture…

Do you know the latest research has shown that young minds can grasp new concepts and techniques much more effectively and quickly than any adult mind could ever?  And puzzle games are your best friends as it sharpens your kid’s mind and prepare them for upcoming challenges. 

But what puzzles to buy and how to choose them?  With so many options available,  choosing the right puzzle can be overwhelming.

But!  Not to worry,  because we have already researched and compiled some of the best puzzle games for kids of all ages which are loved by many around the globe.

Let’s discover some of the best puzzles for your child.


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Puzzles for Kids that we think are Worthy

Kids puzzles can never be boring, although every puzzle has created a unique fun impression for kids; upon our research from fellow parents and their reviews, these are some puzzles for kids that we think you should give a try. Have a peek at our recommendations below or even feel free to have a look at Amazon search results for puzzles for kids here.

1. Original 3D wooden brain teaser puzzle

This puzzle game was introduced by a famous international brand,  “Sharp Brain Zone. ” It is based on the theme of holidays.  Having a number of 54 wooden puzzle pieces,  this puzzle is perfectly suitable to be played by people of all age groups but specifically for little kids of age five or above.

Pros ✔️
An excellent activity for building up young, healthy minds.
Helps in relaxing the mood and relieving stress.
Attractively bold and a very uncompromising product.
Perfect for educational purposes.
Safe to play.
Cons ❌
A little expensive.
Dangerous for kids below the age of 3 because they might choke them.


This game is based on the theme ‘BUILDINGS’ and includes 12 puzzle pieces that are of twisty type—This puzzle is only meant for the playing of kids preferably with the age of above 3 years old to 7 years old.

Pros ✔️
Age limit : 3 to 7 years old are suitable for the game.
An eco-friendly product.
Super attractive and excellent product for gifts.
Helps boost up mental skills.
Lightweight and could be carried around easily.
Cons ❌
Not suitable for kids below the age of 3.


This LESONG PUZZLE contains nine pieces of puzzle play with a combination of 3 wooden and six metal.  Based on the theme of ‘Holidays’,  This has also cleared the “International Toy Safety Standards. ”  This type of puzzle is ‘Disentanglements’ and is a super fun activity for young kids and teenagers to spend leisure time.

Pros ✔️
Despite being of wood and metal, it is not harmful to anyone.
Smooth edges, Durable and lightweight.
This product has also cleared the “International Toy Safety Standards.”
Provides a healthy path for the nourishment of the brain and improves focus quality.
A person can play it with a group of people and alone.
Cons ❌
Not suitable for children less than three years old.

4. STEM Toys for 4 Years Old Boys

This puzzle requires proper focus and attention to be used.  It should be used with the help of an adult,  in fact,  your child should be taught how to use it properly.  So as not to cause an accident,  children above the age of three should use it; it is not recommended for children who prefer to put items in their mouths.

This set has four different length screws,  and they can add pieces to all four sides of the cubes using the shortest screw with no problem.  They are easy enough for children to screw them with their own little hands.

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Pros ✔️
There are several minor parts to this toy.
Suitable for kids’ creativity and exploring.
It’s a blast to build, dismantle, and rebuild.
It does come with four types of tools.
Cons ❌
Children above the age of three should use it; it is not recommended for children who prefer to put items in their mouths.

5. Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

These lovely blooms and whirling gears were created to help students practice hands-on STEM concepts,  including problem-solving,  critical thinking,  and engineering.  They’re ideal for tactile and visual learners.  Colorful gear,  flowers,  butterflies,  bees,  ladybugs,  wiggly stems,  and more are included in this 117-piece set.  All parts may be swapped out,  allowing for limitless combinations and designs. 

Pros ✔️
It’s simple but creative.
Educational (helps develop engineering and design skills, cause and effect, etc.)
Bright, attractive colors
Lots of cute little accessories (butterflies, ladybugs, interchangeable flower centers)
The plastic is thick and seems to be durable
There are a good amount of pieces – you don’t feel like you have to get another set to have fun with it
Cons ❌
Challenging to figure out how to use some of the more complex pieces (instructions are not very user-friendly).

6. Coogan Wooden Hexagon Puzzle for Kid Adults

This is a great item to have in a class or at home.  Students can do this alone or with a partner.  It is fun,  and they get so excited when they complete it.  This is an excellent little game for older children to play while stuck inside waiting.  It has many pieces,  so a bit of a bag would be necessary.  You have to set up the puzzle halfway through according to the instructions even to start the puzzle.  The colors are great,  and this puzzle is well done with smooth,  durable pieces.

Pros ✔️
Wonderful thinking toy with lots of solutions. 
The best therapy for the brain. Significantly during covid, you are being home isolated helped a lot.
Cons ❌
Not suitable for children less than three years old.

7. SainSmart Jr. Wooden Terris Puzzle, Tangram Block Educational Toy for Kid Toddler Preschooler 

Your youngster might create various images with a selection of bright wooden construction blocks.  It aims to develop the child’s thinking,  imagination,  eye-hand coordination,  color form identification,  and other skills.  It would be best to reassemble these blocks on the board without leaving any gaps.  It’s a good substitute for computer gaming. Because it may be solved in so many different ways,  it stimulates problem-solving and creativity. 

Pros ✔️
These blocks are composed of natural maple and painted using non-toxic acrylics.
Each color comes in a set of five.
Every piece is of a reasonable size and is light in weight.
This is a 40-piece kit. 
Cons ❌
A bit dangerous for kids less than 3 years old.

These were some of our recommended products, but many more best-seller puzzles are recognized and liked by kids. You can look at top trending products on Amazon for “kids’ puzzles.”

We wish you all the best for having some puzzling time with your little kiddos.

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