Hey there, parents! You know life isn’t all about hard work and hectic routines. And besides, I do realize that your actions should be time-saving, innovative, and incredible. You must have read our stroller buying guide and other unique children’s products. Now we are going to introduce you to some stroller hacks regarding strollers.

Head support bands:

To ensure a peaceful sleep for your child and prevent any injuries, you need to use head support within the stroller. Parents may purchase head support, headbands, or straps to assist children in resting comfortably within car seats, as the gadgets in strollers might cause an accident. You have to have headbands for your children until they learn to control their heads by themselves.

Buggy Boards:

The concept behind utilizing a buggy board with the stroller is to allow your older kids to stand on it to rest their tiny legs without needing a second buggy. So, when you need it, it unclips in a fraction of a second, allowing your youngster to board! Have an excellent money-saving approach using the buggy boards listed below.

Hang shopping bags on carabiners:

I’ve discovered that these carabiners are multitaskers and are a must-have. I’ll admit that, while I enjoy going for walks in the woods and hiking, these little things make me feel free to walk around. You can easily hang your belongings. These inexpensive aids come in various forms, sizes, and colors, making navigating the parks a breeze.

Safe and easy way to keep the stroller in the car:

Wrap a bungee rope over your backseat headrest to keep your stroller upright in your van or SUV. This frees up room in your trunk, allowing you to store more than just your stroller. You may also keep shower caps in your stroller or an inexpensive plastic bucket in which you store your stroller so that if the wheels become muddy, they don’t get your car dirty.

Handle Extenders For Strollers:

Strollers currently provide a great deal of versatility, including stroller handlebars. Strollers include adjustable handles to accommodate parents of varying heights. However, if your stroller has a fixed handle, you can purchase a handle extension (for taller parents.)

Zip ties for strollers to keep grip between road and tires:

Here’s a helpful Stroller Hack to keep in mind, especially if you want your stroller wheel to have a firmer grip on the terrain. With just a few zip ties, you can improve the traction of your stroller wheels on slick terrain.


  • Wrap zip ties around the stroller’s wheels.
  • Remove the surplus material.
  • Increase the traction of your stroller on slick terrain.

Zip ties do not adhere to rough surfaces. When used on snow or cement, a few of them may fall off the wheels on their own.

Reflective tapes:

The number of strollers appears to be built solely for usage during the day. Many strollers are nearly inconspicuous on twilight or early morning treks.

Putting reflective material on the exterior of the stroller is a simple method to increase evening visibility and safety. Purchase a roll and cut it using scissors to suit various stroller elements, such as metal bars or wheel center.

Stroller cushions:

Using the lovely baby stroller seat cushions, you can keep your children comfortable and safe in the stroller. These seat cushions can help your kid feel more at ease when riding in the stroller. The seat liners are ideal for walks and free excursions such as supermarket shopping. These cushions are primarily intended to give comfort to children while you take them for a walk outside. These seat cushions promise to assist you so that you will not have difficulties transporting your dear kid.

Battery Fans for cooling:

Are you anxious that it will be too hot to take your kid outside? Maybe you have a youngster who gets grumpy on summer walks – can’t we all when it’s hot and humid? A stroller fan might be just what you need to make your time outside more comfortable.

Using a fan at the top of the stroller circulates the air, preventing your child from overheating. Not only that, but the low hum is soothing, and the movement fascinates them. The advantages of this sort of fan do not stop at a stroller. It may be used at home in the nursery during naps, in the car when traveling, or outside during playing. There’s always somewhere suitable to clip it, and because the fan operates on batteries, there’s no need to look for a nearby socket.

Protection from the weather:

Are you staying inside because of spring rains or summer storms? Don’t do that. The trick to enjoying a stroll in the shower with a baby is planning ahead of time. Use umbrella or stroller covers for this purpose. Check the weather forecast first to ensure that it is safe to go outside. Thunderstorms, lightning, and high winds are expected. It’s better to stay put. Otherwise, wear warm and waterproof clothing and keep the following in mind before venturing out with your child.

Tablet holders for strollers:

Most children dislike sitting stationary in their strollers, so the idea is to engage them in gadgets, etc., so that mom and dad don’t have to keep a constant eye on them. The item is a slip-in case that shields the tablet from scratches and bumps. It is then fastened to a long rod fixed to the stroller and positioned at the child’s eye level. They may also be installed on a stroller. The attachment has a long strap in the rear that ties around the seat’s head. This is still in practice, but it will be highly beneficial to many parents if it becomes a reality.

Use wheel covers to keep the wheels clean:

Getting mud on your stroller wheels is almost unavoidable during the wet season. However, with the aid of a helpful shower accessory, you may simply avoid this from happening. Simply acquire four shower caps and cover the wheels of your stroller before leaving the house. You may then remove the wheel caps before entering the home, sparing you the trouble of wiping up mud stains on the floor.

Add a personalized Tag to your stroller:

Add a personalized tag to your stroller to make it unique. Strollers require their identifying badges for simple identification in public places. Not only can you prevent the stroller from being taken by accident, but you can also utilize the tag to reflect your child’s personality!

Use a bottle sling to make feeding time more enjoyable and easy:

Some parents believe a bottle sling to be a lifesaver while feeding their children in strollers. When you’re on the move and occupied with other things, this might be the most helpful hack. Simply connect the device to the canopy of your stroller or the handle extenders of your car seat and let your baby drink without the assistance of parents.

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