The 18-month-old is very active and desires to communicate with their surroundings. They explore the environment with their eyes, ears, hands, and mouth. The child’s mind is open to new information and can absorb a large amount of information about their environment.

The Montessori philosophy encourages children to have a lot of freedom during their playtime. The toys below are not necessarily “Montessori” but fit the Montessori guidelines for suitable play materials. They are all safe for your toddler to play with and encourage creativity, imagination, and exploration.

This is the age when a child should be provided with the opportunity to learn many new things. That is the most crucial period in Montessori learning. The child is not yet ready for classroom learning, but some learning opportunities must be provided at home.

Toys are children’s words and the play is their language…

This Montessori toys list is aimed at the 18-month-old child. As children go through various stages of development, they become more mobile and active and are ready to do more with toys at this age. This stage is exciting and fun as the child will begin to show more independence and personality in their play. To help encourage this development, open-ended toys will be best so they can be used in many different ways.

Here are our top recommendations for the best toys for 18 month old Montessori:

Toddlers’ Animal Toy train with an Elephant, Tiger, Giraffe, and Panda:

Toy trains are fun toys for toddlers. They can be used to teach your child about different kinds of animals and how they make noises. This kind of toy can also be used for educational purposes in other areas such as reading and writing skills. Toy train with different animals is suitable for 18 months old Montessori because they are in their sensitive period of a small object. Therefore, they can search for the thing by observing the characteristic of the animal, such as:

  • eye color
  • body size

The children can recognize the animal’s characteristics and learn how to differentiate and classify them. The children will be able to recall and recognize the animal’s name.

In addition, we can introduce new animals that they do not know before, such as snakes, giraffes, elephants, etc. We can teach them slowly with their characteristic.


  • The train can be taken apart into each carriage and played with individually.
  • They come apart quickly but don’t fall apart while being pushed along the floor.
  • They are a good size.
  • The colors are bright and attractive to your baby.


  • It might be a little expensive.

Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers 1-3 Years Old, Montessori:

This wooden shape sorter toy is the perfect first puzzle for your child. It will keep your little one engaged with hours of entertainment and fun. The sorter is ideal for developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, learning to recognize different geometric shapes (star, triangle, circle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and heart) while having fun.

The shapes are made from natural wood and painted with non-toxic water-based paint. This wooden shape sorter for toddlers is designed with your little one in mind: No sharp corners or edges on the blocks to ensure safe playing; No small parts that your baby can swallow; Waterproof design on the bottom of the shape blocks to prevent them from cracking; Smooth surface of the sorter box makes it easy to clean up the dirt.


  • Toddlers will love matching and sorting the chunky, wooden shapes into their proper holes. The learning possibilities are endless!
  • Colorful Toys Can Attract Baby’s Attention, Improve their color recognition ability, and let them know more about color contrast.
  • The Sorting Cube is a perfect toy for learning and playing at home or on the go for toddlers ages 18 months and up.


  • Many of the pieces come apart and are easily lost.

Textured multi-ball set for babies:

Your baby can stay active and entertained with the Fun Textured Multi Ball for 18-Month-Old Babies. This set includes many different sizes of balls that are made out of textured material. Each ball is designed to provide stimulation and fun for your child. The big ball is easy for a child to grip, while the other two balls are just right for throwing, rolling, or kicking. These multi balls will help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With an assortment of colors and textures, these balls will become a favorite toy or gift. Your baby will love to play with the Fun Textured Multi-Balls for 18-Month-Old Babies.

This colorful textured ball is also a rattle, and it makes a squeaky sound when the baby squeezes it. The ball is easy for the baby to grasp, and the different textures, colors, and sounds are good for exploring with all of the baby’s senses.


  • Use them as bath toys or pool toys.
  • Play a game of “guess the texture.”
  • Use them as teethers and chew toys.


  • These toys can be dangerous if you do not wash them properly before giving them to your child.

Toller foldable triangle climber:

The Toller foldable triangle climber for 18-month-old Babies is a fun and safe piece of equipment for your little ones to climb and play on. Children develop their sense of balance, coordination, and spatial orientation on the triangle climber. The contrast of the brightly-colored climbing elements helps your child learn about shapes and colors and develop their imagination and creativity. The triangular frame made from high-quality Baltic Birch Wood is robust and stable yet light enough to be moved around. The wide base plate ensures the structure is durable and safe; it also makes it easy to clean the climbing equipment after use.

The product complies with all applicable safety standards.


  • The design of this climber is very modern and elegant so that it will fit any interior.
  • It’s made of wood, making this climber durable and safe to use.
  • This climber will suit kids older than 18 months, so your child can use it for many years.
  • Easily you can fold it and take it to someone’s house.


  • It is not safe for kids to climb on it alone.

Busy board for baby:

EXORANY Busy Board for Baby for 18-month-old Babies – Toddlers Activity Board Learning Toy – Sensory Developmental Montessori Toy- Quiet Book for Travel.

It’s a great job to see the baby grow up, but every new step brings new challenges. One of them is getting more and more interested in things around them. They start exploring the world with their little hands and mouth.

Your baby wants to learn how things work and why. The most common way is to take things apart and put them back together again. And this process can be hazardous since some things can be swallowed or broken by mistake.

Well, we have a solution! This busy board will keep your child active, engaged, happy, and safe. It helps your child learn numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and much more while having fun at the same time! You get some quiet time while your kid plays happily with this board!

This busy pink board is made of premium quality soft felted wool, which doesn’t have any irritating smell.


  • Made of high-quality, durable, and safe materials.
  • The colors, sounds, and bright colors will attract the baby’s attention for a long time.
  • These toys are suitable for travel.
  • Develops fine motor skills, logical thinking, and coordination of movements.
  • These toys will help babies learn about the world around them.


  • It seems a little bit heavy for little ones.

Rainbow stacker toy:

The Rainbow stacker toy for 18-month-old Babies is a cute toy to play with your baby. It will look pretty and will have a calming effect on your baby. Your baby might enjoy playing with the toy, and it can be used as a toy for 18-month-old babies during their early childhood. The basic idea of the toy is to stack up different colored balls of various sizes and shapes into different shapes.

The primary thing your baby will do is experiment with the toy by stacking different shaped objects next to each other. The bigger the object you stack next to each other, the more progress you make in stacking up that shape. When your baby stacks one body over another, it will become an “impossible” shape that won’t let you stack any object further. This can be fun and interesting for your baby. This is an excellent toy for your 18-month-old babies during their early childhood.


  • A Rainbow stacker toy is a great way to teach your little one about colors, patterns, and size differentiation.
  • It is made up of safe, durable, and non-toxic materials, and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The Rainbow stacker toy comes with different-sized rings that fit on top of each other on the wooden cone.
  • As soon as your baby grows, you can introduce the numbers and colors printed on the cones to encourage language development!


  • Some bright color paint might fade.