Ever wondered when do newborns open their eyes and start to see things? Being a curious mum can be fun at times. This once popped into my head, so I decided to give it a go, read and research about it, and share it here in this unique piece of content. Babies are born with their eyes closed and minimal vision.

As they grow and open their eyes and their vision capacity expands, they begin to see everything in their surroundings, including people, things, behaviors, and even colors. The newborn’s vision is one of the most important indicators of their early physical and mental development stages.

The ‘eye-opening’ process:

Once a baby is born, the first precious moment for every mother is to have a glimpse of sight at their newborn baby. The next magical moment they wait is to see their baby open its eyes. Newborns usually open their eyes within 24-48 hours of their life, and this process is called “eyelid opening.” It usually happens around the third day of life but can happen earlier or later.

How can you encourage your newborn to open their eyes?

When your newborn opens its eyes, it will want to explore its surroundings. Give them a few minutes to get used to the new world around them, and their tendency to open their eyes will gradually increase over time.

I remember my little one opened his eyes late, and whenever I wanted to open their eyes, I used to tap gently and shake his head and say, “open your eyes” in a soft voice. You can also try this and have a little playtime with them, singing in a soft voice and gently rubbing their head.

Keeping your newborn’s eyes healthy and open:

Although most babies open their eyes within a few days after birth, as mentioned earlier, It is also important to note that some babies may take a little longer. It’s also common for newborns to close their eyes when they’re tired or cold. If your baby has trouble opening their eyes, don’t be alarmed. There is usually no need to rush the process; your baby will eventually open them on their own.

Development of the Eye:

The first sign that a newborn is seeing is when their eyes open. This process can start as early as 16 to 18 days after conception but can take up to two weeks for full development. Newborns will gradually and consistently open their eyes throughout the first few weeks. However, they may temporarily close them if they are surprised, jostled, or experiencing pain.

When do newborns open their eyes

What happens after newborns open their eyes:

Because newborns’ eyes are still closed most of the time, the first thing they see is light. This can be confusing and overwhelming, and newborns may cry out in response. The eyelids may be reflexively pulled together to protect the eyes from too much light. Some baby eye hats like Suntrade Adjustable Baby Hat or Baby Shower Cap Adjustable can also be used for this purpose.

As babies age, they open their eyes more and more. By around two weeks old, most babies have significantly opened at least one eye. They’re usually fully awake and looking around by four or five weeks old.

Some more learning:

Opening one’s eyes is a momentous occasion and one that newborns look forward to for weeks or even months before it happens. It can be confusing for them as their vision has not yet fully developed, so they will likely make plenty of fuss while the process unfolds.

Around 36 weeks pregnant – By this point, most babies have started to develop muscle control and will move around more during the night. As a result, you may notice that your baby opens his or her eyes more often at night.

This is the point at which most babies start to gain weight and become less mobile. As a result, they may spend more time in deep sleep and remain relatively still for extended periods, meaning that you may also notice an increase in eye-opening during the day.