Are you looking for a new twist on baby shower games for men? Here are some tips and a few fun games that will make your next baby shower a blast! The baby shower is a special occasion where family and friends gather to celebrate the new baby’s impending arrival. The whole event should become one of the most memorable moments in their lives.

A baby shower game for men sounds like a fabulous idea, but let’s face it: most popular “baby shower games for men” aren’t made for men. No worries — we got you covered right here!

Baby shower games for men are slightly different than baby shower games for women and children. Try any of these baby shower game ideas, and you will be sure to have fun. When planning a baby shower, choosing games to play can be challenging. You want the games to be fun, but not so much fun that you will terrify your guests. If you’re having a men-only party, you need some games that will get them sweating.

Make sure that the guests are ready to have fun first. The games are fun to remember the time spent with friends and family. The table games do not require any specific tools or items. They can be played indoors or outdoors; they need no more than a table and chairs. So let’s start playing baby shower games for men!

Bottle Baby Showering:

Bottle Baby Shower Bowling is a fantastic flash game. Divide your group into two teams. At one end of the table, put eight baby bottles in a triangle formation. At the other end of the table, place a line of small balls or tennis balls. Each time a ball hits a bottle and knocks it over, that team gets one point. The team which has the highest points after three rounds win. Have someone keep track of the score, and have fun!

Baby Shower Bingo Game:

If you plan to throw a baby shower, you can play bingo game to keep the party active. Playing bingo gives everyone something to do and is a lot of fun, challenging, and full of high spirit! Many people have difficulty determining how to play bingo, but you don’t need to be one of those people! Here is how to play bingo at a baby shower.

Playing bingo at a baby shower will give people something to do during the party, and you’ve already thrown them a great time by inviting them. If you’ve never played bingo before, don’t worry; it’s a snap! Bingo is the same as playing cards except in smaller rather than large groups. Although it is often thought that playing cards are more challenging than playing bingo, if you have ever visited Vegas or any online casinos, it will be quite contrary to this concept in real life.

Diaper Olympics:

Diaper Olympics is a fun idea. Make sure to have two babies ready, dressed, and in need of a diaper change. The lead man takes the baby, rushes to the changing table, and changes the baby entirely (you can even have them dressed), removes the diaper, wipes the baby, uses baby powder, and re-diapers them.

They then rush the baby back to the next guy on their team who needs to do it repeatedly (have him hurrying, not running). The first team to finish wins! A spin on this is to make sure the baby needs a diaper change! (Melted chocolate or pudding and apple juice work well) not only do they need to finish first, but if anyone leaves streaks or squirts, you deduct points!

Baby Toy Assembling Race:

Grab your toolbox and get ready to race! Two teams face off in this fun game that is not only a blast but will also help get the entire baby shower assembled. A great Backyard Baby Shower activity is making Baby toys. Each guest will get a baby toy to build. There should be two sets of each assembled toy so the guests can race and see who can make their toys the fastest!

This is a fantastic way to break up the afternoon or evening and is quickly done with a little bit of preparation.

Baby Pong Game:

There is nothing like the fun collegiate game of beer pong to get guys going. Set up some cups on a table and use ping pong balls to get one in the cup. The one who gets one in the cup has one of the guys drink the liquid in the cup. The person with the most ping pong ball left wins!

baby shower games for men

Baby Diaper changing game:

You know diaper changing is serious business. Well, it’s even more severe when there are crayon drawings on the walls you have to wipe clean. Three cheers for a diaper-changing relay race! This is the perfect game for a baby shower because it’s so interactive and silly. It’s also a great workout (which both moms-to-be and their partners will need).

Baby shower scramble game:

If you’re looking for a game and fun and interactive way to liven up your baby shower or another event, try a baby word scramble game. The results of this game make the perfect favors for your baby shower event. The Baby Word Scramble game is fun to play with friends and family. I had a fabulous time playing. It allowed me to play together with my friends and gave me a memorable experience at my baby shower celebration.

Baby Bottle drink off:

There are few games as classic or effective as the Baby Bottle Drink Off game. To play, you need to buy a few baby bottles and then fill each of them with juice. The guests will drink their bottles as quickly as possible without spilling any contents. Whoever finishes their bottle first is declared the winner!

Baby Stroller Race:

Have you ever seen a baby stroller race? The babies are adorable and will have you laughing your pants off. While some think that the baby shower game is crazy, this game is incredible for the plus-ones of the expecting parents. I’ve been invited to several baby showers and have seen this game in action. It’s just too funny, especially when you add that some characters are running around in diapers. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which one is the adult.

Baby Obstacle Course:

Here’s a unique way to give your male guests a real challenge. Set up an obstacle course using strollers and let the men go to it. Get them to push the strollers through piles of pillows and sofas, and then for more bonus points, try turning up some music and then start throwing stuff at them.

Baby shower games for men can be as simple as making a few baby strollers out of cardboard and poring. Set up the strollers around the yard, or if you have an indoor shower, have them set up in various rooms along the way to the party. Give each guy 2 minutes to race from a starting point to a finish line that you’ve set. It’s undoubtedly a fun competition to see who can get their “baby” home first without breaking anything.

Hoop game for guys:

Use diapers in this game that have been rolled into a ball. Have each participant stand a reasonable distance from a mini basketball hoop and attempt to toss the diaper through the basket. The player with the most baskets in three minutes is the winner.

Baby pool:

Create your betting cards for friends and family to guess the birth date, weight, length, eye color, hair or lack thereof, even the sex of your baby. For a fun pool game for your baby shower, make a list of fun facts about the baby-to-be and let guests bet on their guesses.


Baby showers are all about the experiences we share with family and friends and the chance to celebrate our growing family. It is undoubtedly a great time to show them how much they mean to you and play games while you’re at it. It’s a chance to make new memories, too! Playing games help you to keep your relationship with your family closer improve your relationship with the other children and grandchildren. You will lower your blood pressure by playing fun games. It boosts your immune system and assists in keeping you healthy. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for spending quality time together as a family.